MyDesign Guide

Step 1
Click on Design Myself next to the add button

Step 2

Step 3
Click on "ADD YOUR OWN TEXT" to type word that you want to design (Maximum 8 Character)

Step 4
Click on "Personalized Word" and select font type

sample text

sample text

1. Duplicate
2. Rotate
3. Delete or Remove
4. Resize

Step 5
Click on "CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS" to add on icons/underlines/wings/frames

sample design

Step 6
Add on something else? Click on "CHOOSE FROM DESIGNS" again

sample design

Step 7
Confirm the draft

1. Select your Jewelry Type
2. Select your Plating Color
3. Select your Chain Type
4. Add on clasp icon or additional chain length? (optional)
5. Confirm your quantity and Add to Cart

Draft and Product