Do you ship worldwide?

We offer shipping to the following destination countries:

Zone Cost Free Shipping Timeframe
RM 18 Any 2 purchases 4-5 Working Days
Hong Kong
RM 22 Any 3 purchases 4-7 Working Days
New Zealand
RM 24 - 4-8 Working Days
United States
United Kingdom
RM 27 - 5-10 Working Days

What shipping methods do you offer?

will be used to deliver the goods purchased.

For more details please visit Shipping Information page for all the shipping methods available.

How do I track my order?

We have a system that allows you to track your order and shipment status, just key in the tracking number in the Tracking Page provided by us.

What payment methods are available?

We accept following Payment Method

  • I.KiplePay Secure Payment Gateway - Pay when checkout (Recommended)
  • II.Paypal

  • III.Bank Transfer - Cash Deposit or Online Transfer to following local bank account

    Account No: 5540-8054-3560

Will my 925 product get tarnished?

Due to thee nature of 925 Sterling Silver, it gets oxidized(tarnished) when it contact with moisture. Hence, it is recommended to take White Gold / Rose Gold / Yellow Gold plating to keep it shines always.

What chain length should I select?


How do I measure my ring size?

Measure Size of ring

How to find your ring size

Wrap the string around the base of the finger to be sized. Mark the string where it completes the circle. Measure the string from the beginning of the mark with a ruler.

90% of the buyer choose a bigger size. Make sure the string is tight enough when measuring.

Can i design myself?

Yes you can, you can either send us your prepare jpeg or png file and contact us by email to sales@ellonestory.com or visit Design Myself to use our design tools for submit your order.

Visit our MyDesign Guide for guide or how to use our design tools.

How to use design myself tools?

Visit Design Myself and select your product than follow MyDesign Guide for guide or how to use our design tools.